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Welcome to All For The Mountain blog!

We are a group of professionals who are passionate about the jewelry industry at large, which is why we decided to run this blog revolving around the industry. Here, we can bring you the latest news, insights, and developments within this sector of the economy.

Our target audience is honestly anyone willing to read us, regardless of country or continent. The jewelry industry is an international business with gemstones and raw materials often mined in corners of the world that are from the places of manufacturing and jewelry making, which again are rarely that close to the markets where such items are bought and sold the most actively.

We bring articles, opinions, and analysis from some sources to our blog, as well as our thoughts and positions. While we do not claim to replace the need for following more regular news sources and trade publications, we do seek to be an informative source of jewelry industry news for anyone involved in gemstone mining, material production, shipping, manufacturing, wholesale, or retail aspects of this field. Even independent craftsmen and Internet sellers are sure to learn a few things from following our content over time. We thank you for your readership at All For The Mountain. Please reach out to Will Garga with any questions you may have.