How To Launch Jewelry Store Online

Want to build an online jewelry store but don’t know where to get started?

A lot of people are in this position because they’re not sure about the best route for their needs. An online jewelry store is an ideal option for those who want to launch with a purpose.

Here is a step-by-step guide for those who want to maximize their potential and see continuous growth as time goes on. Launching an online jewelry store starts with the basics, so let’s get into them before looking at the nitty-gritty details of this process.

1) Niche or General

The first thing you’re going to have to decide is whether to go “niche-based” or “general” because that does make people pause.

What are you looking to sell? Is it going to be in a particular niche (i.e. anime) or are you looking at selling regular pieces with variations such as diamonds, gold, pearls, and more? It’s why you have to sit down and make sure you are presenting these options to yourself.

A niche-based store is good for those who are specialized in what they sell and want to dominate in that part of online jewelry selling. For the rest, it is better to go general as it doesn’t restrict experimentation.

2) Choose Platform

The platform is going to be the next step in this process after you’ve decided what category your store is going to be in.

You have a few platforms, but the two that are going to stick out will be Shopify or Woocommerce. You want to choose between these two.

Shopify: Easier To Use, Shopify Theme Store, Easier For Dropshipping, Free SSL Certificate, Easier To Scale
WooCommerce: Ideal For Multilingual Capabilities, Great For WordPress Lovers, Good For SEO, Affordable

Look into the platforms to see what you enjoy more because that is always important.

3) Build Brand

You want to start building a brand, and that’s where you have to steer towards next.

The goal is to create your name, logo, and everything else associated with the brand (i.e. social media pages). Remember, you want people to start buying from the brand as that eliminates some of the marketing charges you’re going to have in the long-term.

People will trust the brand, and that’s key.

Look, to begin with, this immediately, so you don’t have to catch up later on when the business is already flowing. It is easier to get these things into place beforehand.

4) Create And Organize Inventory

The inventory matters and this depends on what method you’re using. Are you drop shipping (no inventory) or holding inventory in a warehouse? Look into this and make sure you’re aware of this immediately.

To organize inventory, you want to set up a method that’s going to let you keep track of things. This is where Shopify is good because as a platform it takes care of this stuff after you updated the numbers on their system. You are not left hanging without knowing what is going on.

Create and organize the inventory into product pages on your site. Do this one by one and make sure everything is edited.

5) Establish Core Pages

Your core pages are a big part of an online jewelry store. This is where your customer is going to make a decision to buy or not.

If you can’t convince them, it means your product descriptions are weak, or you are not putting enough time into the images. Remember, they are not looking at the jewelry in person, so you want to sell them on the picture itself. This is how they’re going to buy in.

Also, please look to add to other important pages such as “Contact Us,” “About Us,” and “Shipping” to make sure people have the requisite information available to them.

6) Marketing

Now, it is important to start looking into marketing the business.

You will have a few options past SEO.

1) Social Media Marketing (FaceBook, Pinterest)
2) SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
3) Affiliate Marketing

All of these methods are good along with the traditional options.

Since you’re online; you want to use marketing methods that are based online. It’s easier to drive traffic without having an additional stop where they have to find a computer/mobile device.

Look to build pages on social media platforms and market them with your products. It will help grow those pages.

7) Automate

Now, you are going to have a world-class jewelry store on your hands that is going to be running well. It won’t get there right away, and that’s okay, but over time, it will start running well. This is when you have to take the next step and start looking into automating tasks. Many aspects of a business can be automated or outsourced. Look into this option including general marketing tasks that are being done. This will let you focus on growing the business.

This is how you build a jewelry store so it can grow online and has the foundation you’re looking for. Too many store owners have the right idea when it comes to e-commerce sites but falter because they ignored a step or two along the way. Don’t let it fall apart because you weren’t prepared.

This step-by-step guide should be sufficient in helping you build the ultimate online jewelry store that’s going to grow and get better with time. The more you learn, the better it will get, and that’s what matters.


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