how to lose belly fat men

The male type of obesity is characterized by the accumulation of excessive amounts of fat in the abdominal region. Men who do not follow healthy eating habits and do not care about the right amount of exercise are predisposed to this type of problems with the figure. The waist size then becomes larger, although the rest of the body remains relatively thinner.

Why get rid of belly fat?

Taking up the fight with extra kilos is important not only for aesthetic reasons. Excess abdominal fat contributes to the development of numerous diseases, including diabetes, atherosclerosis and other serious cardiovascular diseases. The motivation to lose weight should increase in men, the more that they are more exposed than women to their occurrence.

Regular checking of the waist circumference is recommended. The correct circumference for men is approx. 90 cm. Exceeding 102 cm indicates abdominal obesity. The use of a proper diet and exercise is then necessary to maintain health.

belly fat

Diet is a must

Exercise will not help if the diet remains unchanged. To lose weight, you need to enter a certain order:

  • eat regularly (to lose weight you need to eat but with reason), i.e. eat 5 small meals a day,
  • drink lots of water and herbal teas, forget about carbonated drinks and beer,
  • eat a lot of vegetables

What to avoid

Slimming in men involves the elimination of products that should also exclude ladies fighting for a slim waist. It is therefore important to give up:

  • fatty meats and sausages, fatty cheeses, whole milk;
  • light flour cereal products;
  • saturated fat supply fats, e.g. butter, lard, backfat;
  • sweets, salty snacks, fast food dishes, etc .;
  • sweet drinks, nectars, strong coffee, alcohol and stimulants.
  • snacking

During extreme hunger, you should definitely not reach for unhealthy snacks. Instead, it’s worth choosing a fruit or vegetable. The desire to snack can be caused by habit. We often reach for food involuntarily, e.g. while watching TV. However, hunger can mean that the meals you eat provide too little energy.


A man wanting to lose his stomach usually has to put in more intensive training. Intervals and strength exercises are best combined. Answering the question how to lose a man’s belly exercises should be adapted to the current condition. Do not go on too intense and debilitating exercises.

First of all, it is good to introduce intervals that effectively burn fat. Such activity not only burns fat, but above all boosts metabolism. Intervals should be performed after strength training (if we decide to do it).

Protein cocktail every day

Replace your breakfast with a nutritious, full of protein fruit cocktail. Pour natural yogurt into the blender, add bananas, strawberries and whey protein – and it’s ready. In this way, you will satisfy your hunger for a few hours and get rid of the terrible habit of snacking right after leaving the table.



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