Welding Jacket – Why is it so important?


Welders are being exposed to fire, sparks and fumes every day. Some welding apparel, like gloves or helmets are worn but most welders, but jackets are not that common. Let’s find out why they are so important and should be worn at all times.

Many welders wear protective sleeves or long gloves and think that they fulfil all the safety needs. Well, it doesn’t – you never know where a spark of fire or melted piece of metal can land and when it will, it will leave a painful mark. Jacket can protect your hands and torso, so practically around 40% of your body.

Here are the essential points that you need to keep in mind as a welder about welding jackets.

Unrivalled Protection Area


Welding safety jackets are the one-piece protection option for the upper body parts, including shoulders, torso, arms, neck and back. So there is no other piece of protection that replaces the purpose of a welding jacket.

There are various materials and designs of welding jackets starting from lather to heat resistant fibre jackets and many other materials in-between them. Select protective coat according to your working requirements and workplace. Welder jackets must have the various protective layers and it should be comfortable even if it is close. It provides multiple purposes like protection from heat and all other stray scraps, which is the part of welders’ job.

Design of the welding jackets also varies as some are long and short. Long ones provide better protection for lower body parts but they can restrict movement and generally are way warmer, which not always is beneficial.

Industry Standard For Safety

Comfortable Fit For All Jobs

Safety equipment plays an important role in welding industry, as the process generates a lot of side effects, which might cause injuries. The most common injuries are of course burns, followed by “welders flash” (eye damage) and electrocution. Less common are hand and feet injuries – gloves and special boots for welding are required in most work places. Industry standards when it comes to ppe gear are really restrictive and all welding safety apparel is tested for protection and durability purposes.

Comfortable Fit For All Jobs

special boots for welding

Purchasing a welding jacket is also a challenging task due to the abundance of various materials they are made of, protection level they provide and of course -prices. But make sure you choose the right jacket according to the safety standard of your job.

Other than safety purposes jacket must fit well and be comfortable. It helps the welder to work efficiently and enhance their production level. Please make sure you check on the spot when choosing a jacket for its fitting and comfort level.

If the welder doesn’t feel comfortable in their safety jacket, they may want to end up the work as soon as possible or don’t wear the coat, affecting safety measures.


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