Employers do not have time to come up with unique interview questions for each candidate. So how does the recruiter prepare for the recruitment meeting? He usually uses a scenario tailored to a specific job. He also asks questions related to the content of your CV. That is why it is so important to enter real information in your CV. In addition, each recruiter has a set of general recruitment questions, which he asks every candidate. Below you’ll find a list of the most frequently asked ones. You will also learn why the employer asks a specific question and what answer will make a good impression on him.

Why did you leave your previous job?

Just list the reasons that put you in a good light. Do not mention that you have been dismissed, quarreled, thrown out, etc. However, if any of these reasons are revealed during the interview, assure the employer that a similar problem will definitely not take place at the job you are applying for.

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Here are some common reasons for leaving:

  • occasional (seasonal) work, the contract has expired,
  • part time job,
  • the company has ceased operations,
  • position removed
  • insufficient earnings,
  • work was associated with too frequent trips or the working time was too long,
  • you decided to change the type of work.

If you left for health reasons, just mention it and emphasize that now you are in excellent shape, ready to take on a new job.

What do you know about our company?

You can be sure of this question during the interview! Theoretically, all candidates know about it, but only a handful can prepare for it. Many of them say they haven’t found time to research. Such an answer actually deletes you, because it suggests that you do not care about the position.

Why is this question asked? There are still candidates who do not bother to check the basic information about the company and the selected position. You might as well spare yourself extra effort and not talk at all. If you don’t know what a company does, you significantly reduce your employability. In this way you show the employer that you do not care about the position and suggest that you will not stick to your duties at work.

How to answer it? The ideal candidate knows what the company is doing and is aware of what he will be able to offer. Think about your experience and skills in the context of the position you are currently applying for. At the interview, prove how much you can offer if you are hired. Show them how you can help the company.

Why do you want to work here?

The employer wants to know your motivation, especially he wants to recognize your desire to stay in the company longer. You also have the opportunity to say everything you learned about the company and in this way show that you went to the trouble of obtaining the right information. Tell about:

  • good reputation enjoyed by the company as an employer,
  • the company’s opinion of the company about far-reaching plans,
  • that the company’s activity suits your interests, etc.


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